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SkyCop® Cameras:

SkyCop® is a remote video and audio monitoring system with onboard digital recording. It was developed for video and audio surveillance for the Law Enforcement and Homeland Security applications and can be used for remote monitoring and video recording for locations within the city that have a high potential for criminal activity. Currently these units are used to protect both bridges across the Mississippi River, downtown area and other selected key locations throughout the city.

The units are typically installed on poles or buildings and can monitor and record activities with camera coverage capabilities of 360 degrees at distances up to several thousand feet. This video was sent directly into the Real Time Crime Center and recorded.

SkyCop® is also manufactured as a mobile surveillance system (Trailer) and contains on board power plants for remote areas where utility and communication services are limited or non-existent. This mobility is key in the Blue Crush™ effort to reduce crime. As crime areas are determined, the units can be quickly relocated to produce the desired results. Arrests have been made by the Real Time Crime Center personnel after observing individuals commit crimes and dispatching patrol officers to the scene.

Technical Information

SkyCop® has the capability of locally recording video and audio, which can be downloaded by a wireless or hardwired network. The SkyCop® system uses state-of-the-art H.264 compression for live viewing and recording and can be transmitted to a remote location such as a police station using wireless networks including GSM Cellular Technology and SkyMesh 802.11 Wireless Radio Mesh Systems. The system is housed in a high-tech enclosure that uses bullet resistant materials and provides weather protection for all the components within the enclosure. The enclosure can be illuminated for enhanced nighttime lowlight visibility and can include a wide variety of options for specialized applications