The Memphis/Shelby County Law Enforcement Foundation is proud to partner with the members of the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club, along with various other business and community leaders, to make the Fallen Officer Memorial a reality within our community. This memorial will be a monument to those MPD officers who have lost their lives protecting our city and will provide their family and friends a place to remember and honor their loved ones. We are asking for your support to make this project possible.

The Memphis Police Department has a rich history dating back to 1827, when John J. Balch was appointed town constable and the first police station was constructed. What started with two men working the night watch has grown, over the last 184 years, into a highly skilled force of more than 2,400 officers and civilians. Dedicated to preserving public safety, our MPD is internationally recognized as the benchmark for using technology to fight crime and has received countless recognition for their efforts. Crime is down 31 percent since 2006 to date and is down 2 percent since last year to date. Throughout this legacy, though, one thing has remained missing: a monument honoring the families and those officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. According to www.memphispolice.org, that number totals 62 officers who have died serving and protecting the citizens of Memphis. Chris Cosgriff of the Officer Down Memorial Page notes: “When a police officer is killed, it’s not an agency that loses an officer, it’s an entire nation.” Anyone with a loved one who is an officer, firefighter, in the military, or any service that places them in harm’s way, knows of the ultimate sacrifice these individuals give each day to protect our great city and nation.

In the Spring 0f 2011, the Memphis Police Department, Memphis/Shelby County Law Enforcement Foundation and a group of local leaders came together to establish the MPD Fallen Officer Memorial. The monument will be constructed at Oak Court Mall, which graciously donated their outside circular courtyard, along with the wooded area that adjoins. This site is perfect for a number of reasons, including its prominent location, family-friendly atmosphere, and long-standing relationship with the MPD. Metro Construction was selected as the project management team. 2 Js Studio were chosen as sculptor/bronze artist and Architecture, Inc. was selected as architect.

A retired MPD Colonel provided the original vision. The Fallen Officer Memorial committee and team has further helped to shape the conceptual drawing. Artist renderings will soon be released to the public, but here are some proposed highlights: Three large eagles will encircle the monument, symbolic of freedom and protection, yet one of their teammates (fourth corner) will be missing symbolizing the fallen hero. At the center will be a one and a half times life-size or Hero-size sculpture of a male and female officer presenting the flag of a Fallen Officer to a young child. Lyrics of the MPD hymn will be inscribed with the names of the officers who have lost their lives. Children and other family members will be able to create a charcoal rubbing as a keepsake.

 As seen in the picture above, a 1/6 size bronze mock up of the centerpiece has been crafted to showcase the vision. This mock up is designed to help bring the project to fruition and aid with fundraising efforts, so please let us know if you would like to set up a meeting or have it displayed at an upcoming event to help raise awareness. Metro Construction has pulled all the various project details and design elements set forth by the committee to construct a memorial worthy of the sacrifices made by the Fallen Officers to create a lasting and fitting memorial that is budgeted at approximately $1,000,000.00. This project is 100 percent privately funded, so we need your help to bring the MPD Fallen Officer Memorial to fruition. Help us honor those Officers who have given their lives protecting our great city and recognize the daily efforts of our Memphis Police Department.

For those who would like to financially support this special project, contributions may be sent to:

Memphis/Shelby County Law Enforcement Foundation
530 Oak Court Drive Suite 365
Memphis, TN 38117

Please note “MPD Fallen Officer Memorial” in the memo lined. All contributions marked in this manner will be earmarked for this project specifically. Learn more about the project or get involved by contacting:

MPD Deputy Chief Clete Knight at Arley.Knight@memphistn.gov or Jeremy Park, director of the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club, who may be reached at jeremyp@lpinsurance.com. You may also contact Jeff Savage at Metro Construction, who can provide specific project detail and help coordinate any material donations and volunteer requests, at jeff.savage@metro-gc.com or 901-386-0094. Please become a part of this worthwhile project by sending in your contribution today.

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