Citizens in Partnership for a Safer City  

The Memphis/Shelby /County Law Enforcement Foundation, a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization EIN 26-0350517, was created to help fund essential equipment and training not covered in the operating budget of the Memphis/Shelby County Law  Enforcement Agencies. Funding Overview   It should be noted that over 90% of most major city police budgets go to personnel costs. This leaves approximately 10% of budget appropriations for training, equipment, and technology. These are the areas of concern the foundation will focus on and support.

The Foundation has received a generous donation from one of the families impacted by a tragic murder of two of their loved ones.  Their killer was identified through advanced DNA testing and genealogy technology funded through MSCLE Foundation and investigated by the Memphis Police Department.  Even so many years after their loss, the family is grateful to finally find some level of closure.  One family member shared a note, "MSCLE Foundation, Our family cannot express how thankful we are that you were willing to fund the DNA test w/Parabon to identify the killer of our cousin Sherri and precious Megan.  Their brutal murders had left us worried, saddened and wondering for the last 20 years."

Congratulations Detective Stephen Shepherd for receiving the 2018 Kiwanis Club’s Memphis Officer of the Year Award. 

 "Thank you Memphis / Shelby County Law Enforcement Foundation for funding the innovative Parabon DNA testing for several of the Memphis Police Department's unsolved investigations. The first test case completed and brought tremendous closure to several families here in Memphis and across the country. Because of my role in this project, I was nominated for and received the 2018 Kiwanis Club’s Memphis Officer of the Year Award. This was an incredible honor, and I am so humbled and grateful." - Detective Stephen Shepherd 


All contributions to the Memphis/Shelby County Law Enforcement Foundation Police Foundation will have a direct impact on our efforts to safe guard our citizens and our police officers.